"Vous Aimez Les Gens" - Com’Art ft. Emile & Reda (Figurative Records Production)

Excuse me sir or madame, are you looking for something incredibly smooth and funky to relax after a long day of work, a long night of partying, or a long life [blank]ing?  Well, lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place. Here, Com’Art ‘s laid-back “Vous Aimez Bien Les Gens” is the time, the place, the aural space for you to do that.  A little bit of R&R never hurt anyone.  And this track will help you do just that no matter what’s bogging you down or throwing a wrench in your gears.  Serene.

This deep house perfection, constantly plucking and strumming away at our heart strings, with a funky funky funky bit of bass, and some smooth… but smooth piano.  It just all mixes so well.  What a coup.

Stream “Vous Aimez Bien Les Gens” below.