"Love Letters" - Metronomy

After really making waves with their third album, The English Riviera, Metronomy are set to release their fourth studio album, and it’s looking to be a strong piece of work.  The lead single, “I’m Aquarius” is fairly reminiscent of previous works, and is mosts definitely enjoyable to say the least, with dreamy effects and drums, and the equally dreamy qualities of Joseph Mount’s voice as it repeats and fades.

"Love Letters," the latest single off Metronomy’s upcoming album, of the same name, has a much more jovial quality to it.  The keyboard give the track an absolutely bouncy feel to it. That, combined with the call and response between Mount and female backup singers (perhaps Anna Prior, the band’s drummer) as well as the trumpet outro, clearly make this a golden oldies inspired track.

In any case, here at 42rpm, Love Letters is one of the more eagerly anticipated releases of 2014.

Stream “Love Letters” below.

Update: You can stream the video below. It’s directed by Michel Gondry, and its top notch.
Metronomy - Love Letters (Official Video) on MUZU.TV.